How to organize projects in Design Space with Project Collections

18 March 2021

Finding your projects in Design Space just got easier with Project Collections.

The Project Collections feature helps members organize projects in Design Space using multiple ways.

This is more than just sorting projects into file folders. Watch the video below and learn how you can save multiple projects into various collections, so you’re not limited to saving a single project into just one collection.  

FAQs on Project Collections

How many collections can I create?  

All Cricut members can create up to 5 free collections. With a Cricut Access plan, you can create unlimited collections. You can add up to 1,000 projects to a collection (with or without Cricut Access). 

Will I lose any Project Collections if I cancel my Cricut Access plan?  

If you cancel your Cricut Access plan, you will retain ALL of your projects, as well as your top 5 most-populated collections. To search or browse your entire personal library of projects, go to All My Projects. If you re-instate your Cricut Access plan, your previously created collections will reappear. 

If you are new to Cricut, start categorizing your projects into collections right from the start. This will get you organized from the get-go so you can quickly find the project you want when you want it.  

Check out our Help section for a written, detailed walkthrough.