Wishing you a Happy New Year from Cricut

3 January 2020

Dear Cricut Family,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends! As we head into 2020, I want to take a few moments to reflect on this past year and express my deepest gratitude to my amazing Cricut team and our members (YOU!).

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for all your support this past year. My team and I are here because you love our brand and inspire us every day — not only with your creativity and your amazing projects but also with your thoughtfulness and kindness.

In 2019, you used our machines to create projects that helped make a difference in people’s lives. You supported our #CricutBeKind initiative by making projects that promoted kindness in schools, focused on anti-bullying, put a smile on people’s faces, and championed causes such as autism, breast cancer, and so much more. Teachers, room parents, and kids inspired us this past year with the projects that you made in schools. You used Cricut machines to stay positive and creative—you told us that using your Cricut machine is almost a form of therapy—and we are touched every time we hear those stories.

We are seeing more and more of you embrace our machines to start new businesses. It brought me joy to spend time with two young women who told me how they helped fund their high school dance program via Cricut-made projects they sold on Etsy. We loved hearing about the college freshman who sold Cricut crafts so she could attend a study abroad program in Italy, helping her achieve her dream of becoming a special education teacher.

At Cricut, we believe everyone is creative. It’s our goal to help bring out that creativity in each and every person. We do this by innovating with products that are easy to use and are full of possibilities. This year, we focused on making Design Space a better experience with the Desktop app and offline feature and introduced new, exciting products like Infusible Ink and EasyPress Mini to the Cricut family.

As we grew our product assortment, we also focused on giving you more access to Cricut products around the world. While we all may come from different backgrounds, the need to create is a universal one—one that ties us all together with the same passion. We’re proud of our global footprint, but we have a long way to go to reach makers everywhere. And you are all part of that journey—when you tell your friends about Cricut, it helps us grow, so thank you for sharing us with the people in your lives.

I always tell my team, “these are the early days.” While we have come a long way and accomplished so much together, we know there is so much more we need to do. So, we will continue to dream, innovate, and strive to delight you with new products in the future!

Thank you for supporting our little company. Thank you for being a Cricut member. Thank you for being “you.”

I am excited about 2020. It will be an amazing year!

CEO Ashish Arora
and the Cricut Team